Marble and Travertine Cleaning and Polishing

Marble and travertine products are natural stone that has been quarried and polished to produce a smooth, attractive surface. They are both formed when sea bed materials such as plants, sea animals, shells and sand are compressed over millions of years, and then subjected to heat.  Their natural origins mean special care is needed in maintaining them and there are particular techniques necessary for effective cleaning and polishing marble and travertine.

marble and travertine cleaning

Travertine in its natural state is porous, and it is often filled with resins or other materials before being manufactured as flooring tiles or kitchen and bathroom countertops. The fact that these products are natural, means that they can be subject to minor flaws and inconsistencies in their finish that require special care when they are being cleaned.

A search on the Internet will produce many homemade techniques for cleaning marble and travertine, but most of them are ineffective, and some of them are potentially damaging to the natural stone. To ensure that your marble and travertine products are kept in the best possible condition, there is no real alternative to professional cleaning.

Our technicians are specially trained in the best products and techniques to clean and protect your marble and travertine surfaces and will make sure that they leave the surfaces clean, hygienic and gleaming.

Ask for details of our specialist marble and travertine cleaning and polishing services.

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