Wood Floor Cleaning and Polishing

 Hardwood floors have been a popular choice for hundreds of years wood floor cleaningbecause of the glamour that they add to a home as well as the fact that they last for decades.

But to keep them in great condition needs special attention.

Homeowners will keep the floor clean with vacuuming and/or mopping, but these methods are only partially effective.  Minute particles of dirt and dust can become ingrained in the cracks between boards, even when they appear to be perfectly aligned.  Over time this debris can build up and affect the look of the floor, and even the air quality in the home.

To eliminate issues such as these, it is recommended that hardwood floors be professionally deep cleaned and polished on a regular basis.

Our technicians are professionally trained in techniques that will restore the look of your hardwood floors and protect them by polishing and/or sealing them.

Ask us for more details of our wood floor cleaning and polishing service.

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